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Roleplaying is how I first got into the furry fandom and I still love it. If you want to roleplay with any one of my characters, just send me an email or private message using any of my contact methods. Or if you have skype and I'm online, just shoot me a message and see if I'm free. It can anything from a simple quick yiff to a more complex scenario as long as it includes some sex. We can ropleplay via instant messaging or through emails/PMs.

You are responsible for choosing an RP scenario and starting it. I have no hard requirements for the length of each reply, just keep in mind I will respond in roughly the same length that you give me. Also, when in a chat room, it may take me a few minutes to respond, especially if it is a whole paragraph. If you want a multiple paragraph formatted RP, it would be best to do it via email/PM.

Please refer to my f-list for what I will and won't do in an RP. If you see something that is in my Fave or Yes columns that you don't want me to include, please let me know before we start.

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