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Derek Macrowolf's (primary) Furry World

This is the main universe I write much of my Furry fiction in.

The Anthro Kingdom includes all of Canada, the U.S. west of the Mississippi (all of Minnesota and Louisiana), Florida as a semi-autonomous territory, Mexico, and all of Central and South America. It is an absolute Monarchy ruled by Derek's father, King Roderick. The capital is Fur City, a vast metropolis just south of San Diego, with a population of 20 million furries and scallies.

In the kingdom, humans are sex slaves by default. There are a handful of areas that are safe havens for humans, but outside of them, any unclaimed human without special immunity can be forced into slavery by any furry.

What remains of the United States is still governed same way as it was before the rise of the furry empire. The only difference is they have no military. All of their resources were absorbed by the Anthro Kingdom and any remaining military facilities are under furry control.

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